Accessory Pack: Fuel Tank and Trestle Brackets

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Fuel Tank™ and Trestle Brackets


Fuel Tank™

Painting while atop a ladder can be frustrating. There usually isn’t a place to put the bucket of paint, and most paint trays aren’t designed to be used while standing at the top of a ladder. The Little Giant® Fuel Tank™ is a vertical paint tray designed to hold one gallon of paint. With its adjustable hooks, it easily attaches to most Little Giant Ladders.

How Is It Different?

Unlike most paint trays, the Fuel Tank is designed to seamlessly attach to nearly any ladder rung. This accessory has a convenient carrying handle and a standalone base to prevent tipping when placed on the ground. The Fuel Tank also has a magnetic paint roller and brush holder to keep your tools out of your paint, and your paint off of your floor. Its special plastic polymer makes for easy cleanup. Just let the paint dry and it will peel off of the Fuel Tank.


What Can I Use the Fuel Tank For?

Ideal for painting, the Fuel Tank simplifies any painter’s tasks. With its design, it is also a great option if you are cleaning windows. Fill the accessory with window cleaning solution and keep your tools close to hand to complete the job.


Trestle Brackets

No one wants to go up and down a ladder all day. With the Trestle Brackets, you can easily convert your Little Giant Ladder® into two secure trestles to support plank scaffolding, saving you the hassle of trips up and down the ladder.


Using Your Trestle Brackets

Using the trestle brackets is easy. Remove the outer section of the ladder from the inner base. Fit the Trestle Brackets inside the top of the ladder with the flange facing out. Lock the ladder into place, and your ladder is ready to convert to scaffolding with the Telescoping Plank.

Product Category Accessory
Country Assembled China
Marketing Language English / Spanish
Duty Rating None
Material Aluminum
Load Capacity None
Warranty 1-Year
Product Weight 4 lbs. 1.81 kg
Freight Class 250 - Ladders and/or Accessories
Ship Length 17" 1' 5"
Ship Width 11½" 11½"
Ship Height 11½" 11½"
Ship Weight 4.9 lbs.
Ship Volume 1.3 CuFt.
HTS Code 7616.99.5130

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